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Pro-Line Upgrades for your HPI Savage XS / XS Flux Mini


The HPI Savage XS series  including the latest XS Flux Water Proof version is quickly becoming one of the most popular Mini Monster trucks out there.  It’s slightly larger than the Mini Revo  / Mini Summit and packs a punch right out of the box. The truck is beefy / well built and set up to handle the larger standard size battery packs normally found only on larger 1/10th scale vehicles.

Wheels and Tires

When looking at the possible Pro-Line Wheel and Tire options for this truck, I was impressed at HPI’s forethought to include several different versions of hex drives in the accessories pack.  The truck comes with a metal shoulder hex drive pre installed with the factory wheels but they also include a longer / plastic stepped version and a more traditional non stepped hex.

By removing the metal hex’s and installing the traditional non stepped plastic hex’s (included in the accessories packs), this opens up a good window of wheel and tire options from our 2.8″ 30 Series 1/10th truck wheel and tire section. On my particular truck, I went with the #2729-03 Desperado 2.8 Black wheels and painted them to match the truck. I then installed some #1175-00 2.8 Dirt Hawg’s.  These tires are slightly smaller in OAD But this is great as I plan on running a 3S 11.1V 5000mah battery pack and did not want to go through the hassles of changing the pinion and Idler Gear as HPI Racing recommends.

Now if you decide to run larger diameter tires like the 1074-00 Masher 2000’s (Which we will cover here shortly) then you will need to gear the truck down as suggested By HPI to avoid overheating and possibly damaging your electronics. For testing of larger OAD tires, I used the HPI #6924 24T Pinion and #105809 32T /60T Idler Gears in this truck. They also recomend this gear change when running 3S and higher LiPo battery packs for extreme use.

2.2 Tires like the #1144-00 2.2 Badlands and the #1074-00 Masher 2000’s can be run on these truck as well by using our 2713-15 Titus Bead Lock wheels. These wheels (#2713-15) will require you to run the stepped metal hex as originally installed.


We’ve also just recently added the #2737-03 2.2 Desperado Wheels (Glue Type) to our line up. These wheels will allow you to run just about any standard 2.2 Truck Tire. You will need to run the non shouldered plastic 12mm Hex for these wheels (Same as noted In the 30 series wheels) for correct mounting. For those of you who don’t have these hex’s, the HPI Racing part number for the parts tree is 105300 (items #9 on this parts tree). Remember that you will need to gear down your truck on any tire that exceeds the OAD of the original HPI Tires.

If you want to know more about what wheels and tires will fit this vehicle, I have composed a more in depth listing at the very end of this article. So take a look at the many other options we have to offer for the XS / XS Flux and you’ll see we have you covered!


If you want to give your truck a big boost in the handling and suspension department, install a set of our #6063-01Powerstroke SC shocks.  They fit both front and rear suspensions with very little modifications. You will re- use the lower Pivot balls from the Stock shocks (Swap them out).  For direct installation, you will need to pick up our #6063-05 Universal Shock Mounting Hardware Kit. Use the included bushings for the upper shock mounting and also a metal washer between the bushing and the shock tower mounting post for proper spacing. This helps the shock adjuster nuts clear the shock towers.



There are not too many aftermarket body’s out their yet that fit this truck. I happened to stumbled across one of our 3262-00 Rock Star Crawler body’s in my inventory which fit the truck nicely. It also gives it the military / desert camo look I wanted to achieve.  This body is recently discontinued by us, however I did a quick search on EBay and Google to find that several shops still offer this body for sale. For final detailing, I finished off the body by adding some of our Tools Accessories from our Crawler section.


 Wheel / Tire Applications

Here’s the list of wheels and tires broken into sections. This helps so you know which wheels work with which tires and which tires require a gearing change due to their larger OAD over the stock ones. There are some hex change requirements with certain wheel applications as noted for compatibility.

2.8″ 30 Series Wheels and Tires, No Gearing change required:

2729-01*  2.8″ Desperado 12mm hex  – Chrome
2729-03*  2.8″ Desperado 12mm hex  – Black (Currently Running)
2729-11*  2.8″ Desperado 12mm hex  – Black Chrome

*  (Must use optional plastic non shouldered traditional hex’s found in the accessories pack)

1172-00  2.8″ Road Rage
1174-00  2.8″ Bow-Tie
1175-00  2.8″ Dirt Hawg (Currently Running)

(No Gearing Change Required when running these tires)


2.8″ 30 Series Wheels and Tires with gearing change:

2729-01*  2.8″ Desperado 12mm hex  – Chrome
2729-03*  2.8″ Desperado 12mm hex  – Black (Currently Running on Mine)
2729-11*  2.8″ Desperado 12mm hex  – Black Chrome

* (Must use optional plastic non shouldered traditional hex’s found in the accessories pack)


1173-00** 2.8″ Badlands
1186-00** 2.8″ Sand Paw

** (Gearing down required to avoid any over heating of  ESC / Motor when running these tires)


2.2″ Series Wheels and Tires


2713-15    2.2″ Titus Bead Locks (Works with Stock Metal Hex)

2737-03*  2.2″ Desperado 12mm Hex

*  (Must use optional plastic non shouldered traditional hex’s found in the accessories pack)


1074-00** 2.2″ Masher 2000

1144-00** 2.2″ Badlands

** (Gearing down required to avoid any over heating of  ESC / Motor when running these tires)

Note: Many additional P-L  2.2″ 1/10th Truck Tires (not listed) including low profile 2.2″ 1/10th Truck Race Tires, will also work on the 2737-03 2.2” Desperado wheels.

Always check each tire’s OAD for possible required gearing changes prior to usage.


I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any questions on any of this information, please feel free to drop me a line at customerservice@prolineracing.com