Factory Team / Race Events

Aaron Simmons at Rc Pro South Rnd 2

On the weekend of April 27th -29th I attended Rc Pro South Rnd 2 in Lafayette, LA at Finishline Raceway.  The Track was Fun and Fast, loved the back straight with divided lanes.

Practice and Qualifing

In practice my MBX6R was hooked up even though the track was loose.  M3 Blockades worked very well however tire of choice for me was the M3 Caliber.  In short course M3 Calibers as well.  I felt pretty confident heading into qualifying.   Best of 4 rounds ended up hurting me quite a bit as new clutch bearing failures ruined two of my four rounds, ended up qualifying 5th in B.  Short Course went better qualifying 7th in A.



B Main Pro Buggy 30 minutes.  This was a stacked B main, starting 5th I planned on taking it easy the first 10 minutes.  However there was a pile up in the 2nd corner so it was time to make my move.  The first 10 minutes went by pretty quick ran in 1, 2, & 3 for the next 20 minutes.  I was pushing it on fuel and knew I was really close to the 30min mark on stops.  I was running 2nd right behind 1st bumper to bumper when the horn went off race over.  This was right when we crossed the loop, I made it halfway around track and ran out of fuel.  Ended up 13th overall.

Overall I had an awesome time with old and new friends.

Thanks Pro-Line for the Great Products.

Aaron “AROD” Simmons