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Traxxas Slash F-150 Raptor SVT Pre-Runner, Plus a Sneak Peek on two New Upcoming Items!


Let’s face it, the Slash has pretty much carved out a huge chunk of the RC industry spawning a segment that has grown into Epic proportions in just a few years. One of their latest versions of this game changing truck is the Ford F-150 Raptor SVT. This model more closely captures the realistic lines of the real street Version Ford produces.  With all the realistic styling in this latest verison, I just couldn’t resist creating my own version’s of a Pre-Runner / Baja Chase Truck.  Especially with all the cool upgrades and accessories we offer here at Pro-Line.

For Chassis upgrades I started off with our Pro-Trac 2WD Slash Suspension Kit #6062-00.  My intention for this  truck to have allot of suspension travel with some extra ride height. To achieve this, I added our fully adjustable Powerstroke SC shocks #6063-00 Front and #6063-01 Rear. For my battery selections I will be running in this truck are the larger 3S and 4S high capacity multiple cell types. These larger battery’s add a little extra weight to the truck so I picked up the optional spring assortment packs (#6063-03 Front and #6063-04 Rear). These have a range of spring rate choices which helps me tune the shocks for a taller ride height and more suspension travel without sacrificing handling performance .

Since I’m swapping out the Stock Brushed motor for the VXL Brushless set up, I added our #6062-08 2WD Chassis Saver as well as our #6066-00 Adjustable Battery Strap. To keep all the truck pointed in the right direction I added our #6067-00 steering kit . To put the Power to the Ground, I installed a Pair of #1159-02 M2 Trencher SC tires and mounted them to some #2731-03 Renegade Pro-Trac bead lock wheels. I wanted a silver look to the Bead lock rings so I stripped the red paint finish off and polished the metal rings with some high luster metal polish which can be found at most automotive parts stores. I also painted the wheel centers of the bead locks a dark metallic gray to closer simulate the wheels on the real truck

For the exterior look of the truck, I removed the black bed decals and sprayed some Rust-oleum black Truck bed coating. It bonds good to plastic and gives a durable finish. Always remember to use light coats, allowing to fully dry in between applications.  I also trimmed the hoop extensions off the top of the front bumper for a more stock look and coated the bumper with the same Truck bed coating paint. I fabricated a Pre-Runner Role cage from ½” Plastruct rod and painted it in the same manner as the bed.  To finish off the look, I added a #6072-00 Tool Box, #6045-00 Tools Set, Fire Extinguisher from Set #6075-00 and some gas cans from our #6040-00 Tools Set. I cut the gas cans down to give it some depth look and fabricated some gas can boxes from Plastruct sheeting. Also don’t forget your Pro-Pulls ,  I don’t talk about them enough but they are one of the best ways to hold your body securely for extreme running while still having easy removal.

I used the Stock body for this article with some changes / alterations. If you want to upgrade to a more race looking F-150 Raptor body, Be sure to check out our  #3344-00 F-150 SVT Raptor or our  #3366-00 Flo-Tek F-150 Raptor SVT Body’s. these are great upgrades to the Stock body and fit perfectly to this chassis with the Chassis and Suspension modifications.

SneakPeek Items!

HID Light Bar Kit

This truck is also equipped with two of our new upcoming items which we are giving you a little sneak peak at.  This is a New HID styled light bar kit which we will be releasing very soon. These are not actual functioning scale HID Lights, but are designed to simulate the look of the larger lights found on today’s 1:1 Crawlers and Extreme off road desert trucks. You can build a 6 Up or 4 Up light bar package. It is intended for both SC Truck and Crawler Applications. The light pods are designed to accept 5mm LED bulbs but are not included. These are shots of a pre-production unit.  We still have a little more fine tuning we are working on molds before the products official release.


Lastly the New P-L Transmission!  This is our new high performance transmission designed to be used on the Slash 2WD, Electric Stampede 2WD, Electric Rustler and Bandit (with switching to Slash 18T or 19T pinions). It’s a direct bolt in Upgrade replacement for your OEM transmission and will give you 20% less rotational weight with quicker acceleration and longer run time!  It has so many features that I cannot cover them all in this article, but will do a separate write up in a future article going into more details very soon!

No other company offers you more upgrade’s, performance parts or accessories options for you SC Truck! Be sure to check out everything we have to offer for your SC truck at http://prolineracing.com/short-course-desert-truck/


I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at customerservice@prolineraing.com