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Reggie Tongue at the RC Pro South Round 2

This past weekend I attended the RC Pro South Round 2 at Finishline Raceway in Lafayette, LA. I’ve raced at this facility many times in the past and lap times are usually in the mid to high 30’s, but this weekend the layout was super fast and so was the competition with lap times in the mid 20’s! The turnout was a little light this year with about 100 entries or so. I just recently made the switch back to Mugen so I just threw on the ghost white paint job on my Pro-Line BullDog ECO, and Bulldog MBX6 bodies instead of my usual purple, pink and white. They’ll be a lot prettier for the next battle I promise.

The track was pretty dusty in practice so I started out with some of M3 Tazers on my E-buggy and they felt very smooth and consistent in the corners with a good amount of forward bite. I later threw on some of Pro-Line’s M3 Bow-Tie’s and they were awesome! They had tons of corner speed and ridiculous forward bite. I ran about 2 packs, and three tanks and I was very happy with the way my cars felt so we packed up and left to stuff our faces and get some sleep to prepare for the long weekend coming.

There were 4 rounds of qualifying and by the first round the groove was already starting to come up so I stuck with the M3 Tazers on my ECO and M3 Bow-Tie’s on my MBX6R.  I finished the round 2nd overall in E-buggy and 3rd overall in Nitro buggy.  After qualifying was over I was sitting 3rd in E-buggy and seventh in nitro.  Had some engine issues in nitro, but somehow still managed to squeeze in the main.

In E-buggy I went with M2 Bow-Tie’s where David Joor, Jake Dillinger, and I battled for the lead in the first two mains with Joor taking both of them giving him the overall win.  Jake and I were tied going into the third main so whoever could pull of a win would take second place.  Jake took the early lead as I had a terrible start and fell back to 5th. I somehow made my way back up to second and 4 seconds away from the lead when I made two huge mistakes and fell back to third.  With 30 seconds to go on the last lap my boy Brady “Mayonnaise” Walton blew a corner allowing me to squeeze in and take second place giving me third overall in E-buggy.

Starting in the back of the pack in Nitro gave me an opportunity to cut throw the first and second corner pile ups to make my way up to 4th. I stayed within range of the top three cars all the way up to the 18min mark until a flame-out dropped me back, and then another later on in the race.  I ended up in 7th place after the 45min main was over. Too bad, because my car was RIDICULOUS with M2 Bow-Tie’s.  Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to race for Pro-Line.  Until the next battle!

Reggie Tongue