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Interview with Pro-Line’s Dakotah Phend

Source: ThisIsRC.com

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THISISRC: Today we have a great interview with one of the rising stars of the off-road racing scene Pro-Line’s Dakotah Phend. Dakotah is currently one of TLR’s hot drivers and has been making his presence felt at the races he attends. Don’t let Dakotah young age fool you, he has gained more wheel time than most of racers get in a lifetime and his family support only makes for the best environment for him to sharpen his skills. Thank you Dakotah for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for the readers of thisisrc.com.

THISISRC: How did you start in the sport and what was your first racing experience?

DAKOTAH: My mom bought a T-Maxx for my dad for his birthday. I tried it and was hooked instantly. We then went out and bought a Tamiya Blitzer Beetle. Everyday after kindergarten, my mom would take me up to the track to practice.

2012 Dakotah Phend6 Thisisrc.com interview with Dakotah Phend

THISISRC: What is your most memorable race and why?

DAKOTAH: This would probably have to be when I won my first ROAR National title in 2005 (Junior Stock Buggy, I was 8 years old) because this was basically the start to traveling to more big races (started my racing career).

THISISRC: What is it about the sport that you enjoy the most?

DAKOTAH: There are a lot of reasons for why I think this sport is a lot of fun. I definitely like the competition, but being able to meet new people and travel throughout the world is awesome too!


2012 Dakotah Phend3 Thisisrc.com interview with Dakotah Phend

THISISRC: How big an impact has your family had in your racing career and success?

DAKOTAH: A huge impact! I wouldn’t be racing without them. They found out about racing and gave up their time and money to let me pursue what I was interested in, and I really appreciate everything they do!

THISISRC: How do you balance school and your racing schedule that has you traveling to make it to all the big races?

DAKOTAH: It’s not easy! I get most of my work before I leave and I do it on the way to the races and at the track. For the tests, I usually take them all early so that isn’t much fun! Lol

THISISRC: Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years? What goals have you set for yourself on and off the track?

DAKOTAH: In five years I hope I am continuing my racing career. By then I will probably be in college. I want to become a mechanical engineer so that when I get older I can stay in the industry designing cars.

2012 Dakotah Phend1 Thisisrc.com interview with Dakotah Phend

THISISRC: What changes or hopes do you have for the RC Racing Scene world wide? What do you think will help our sport grow?

DAKOTAH: It would be very exciting to see the sport continue to grow. The more people it gets out to the more who will do it. I think it would help to publicize the big races more so spectators can come and watch.

THISISRC: Are there any tips you could share with all the racers, especially those who are new to the sport?

DAKOTAH: Never give up and always have fun. You’re not going to be good when you start. You have to stay with it and practice a lot. Just make sure your having fun!

A special thanks to my dad, mom, Aunt Cat, TLR Team Losi Racing, Team Orion, Spektrum, Pro-Line, Stick It 1 Racing, Darkside Designs, Horizon Hobby, Lunsford, Pacific Coast Hobbies, OCRC, and Live RC.

THISISRC: Thank you Dakotah for this great interview and best of luck at the races.

2012 Dakotah Phend2 Thisisrc.com interview with Dakotah Phend