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French Championship National Rd. 1 Race Report

This weekend I traveled over 600 miles by car to Pertuis in South France for the first round of the French Championship National.

Saturday was testing day, with three runs in the morning, and three qualifications in the afternoon. The tests were great for learning the track and which tires to use. The locals who knew the track were very quick. My qualifiers didn’t go as I planned, but I still landed in the semi-finals. I was using Pro-Line‘s Bow Tie M3 tire, which was by far the best choice for the dusty surface.

Sunday was devoted to the semi-finals and the finals. In the semi-finals, I started at the back of the pack due to some mistakes and the amount of dust on the track, but I ended up finishing 4th, which put me in the final.

In the final I lead several laps and kept the lead until my front disc broke. I continued driving unrestrained for the last 39 minutes of the final and placed 3rd. I used Pro-Line’s Blockade M3, which made my car’s traction great and helped me maintain good accuracy. Other than the broken disc, the finals were great.

Thank you to my sponsors:
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Robert Raphael