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GP Bordeaux 2012 & Round 1 of Ligue 4 North France

I made ​​a trip to the fourth edition of GP Bordeaux, and competed in the 1/8 Nitro & Electric buggy classes. The track and it’s complexity was perfect. Fast with technical jumps and camber. Friday was devoted to free trials, Saturday was reserved for qualifying, and Sunday to subfinals & finals. Top French drivers showed up, along with the top local drivers, making the competition tense.

In 1/8 Electric, I qualified second after making the pole in the first round. The second and third round were very secure with Jerome Sartel who took the advantage by 0.7sec & 1.5sec on Q2 & 3  after 7 minutes of qualifying .
In 1/8 Nitro, I also qualified second. Sartel was much faster this time, for the first race of the season, and his X3 being assembled the day before, the results were impressive.

In the 1/8 Electric finals, I won the first final, it was very chaotic. I finished second and third in the final two.


The first final was decreased to 10 minutes at full speed due to a known concern. The race was stopped after 9.30m. I missed one lap to go. The organization took the ranking in timed, and then I found myself in the third final. Out of 3 finals, they took the best 2 points. Sartel had two 1st places, I had a 1st and 2nd place, and Bales Davy had a 2nd and 4th. With the break in the first final, and ranking the time problems, I find myself in a few seconds off Davy Bales who was ranked 2nd. I hope the organization will no longer make the same mistakes in future, it was the only downside of the weekend.

For 1/8 Nitro, I started off 1st on Semi Final B. On the first tank , the engine extinct. I restarted 8th & finished 4th for this semi with the place in the finale. On the final, I started 10th, after a single lap I was 4th with the 3rd, 2nd, & 1st right in front of me with less than 1 seconds on the 3 and 2. After 6 minutes, 1st has a 5 second gap on me with the 2nd and 3rd the same. But in the middle of a straight line, my throttle servo remained stuck full throttle. My mechanic changed the left receiver battery. After 2 more minutes on a full throttle servo in a straight line. We decided to change the radio tray, and start again for fun. Too bad the car was perfect and we could have played the podium. I used Blockade M3 tires on qualifiers & Blockade M2 tires on finale on Nitro, and on Electric I used the Revolver M3 tires.


Round 1 of Ligue 4 North France

The first round of the League 4 was held at Achiet Le Grand ex track Bertincourt. The track is cool but lacks a few jumps.

I finished 3rd in the subfinals, starting me 4th in the finals. On the finals, I finished 3rd after the motor stopped on it’s 1st tank.
On the qualifiers I used Sniper M3 tires & on semi & finals the Caliber M3 tires.

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