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New Releases for January 2012

Check out these hot new releases from Pro-Line!

Square Fuzzie 2.2″ Off-Road Buggy Rear Tires for 1:10 Buggy


Pro-Line is bringing back one of the most successful and iconic tread patterns of all time; the World Champion Square Fuzzie.  The original Square Fuzzie was so advanced for its time that it dominated the race tracks for many years and was never duplicated.  Now, Pro-Line is proud to introduce the all new and improved Square Fuzzie as a worthy successor to the Original. 

Get the new Square Fuzzies now and be the first to dominate your track with Pro-Line’s proven micro-pin technology!

Part #:
8215-02 M3 (Soft)
8215-03 M4 (Super Soft)


Hole Shot 2.0 Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires

The Hole Shot 2.0 provides more forward traction, increased steering response and is less edgy in the ruts making you faster than ever before. Pro-Line’s Richard Saxton, Team Associated’s testing guru, says that the new Hole Shot 2.0 is “like Cheating!!” Pro-Line’s mini-pin and square lug technology combine to give your Buggy TQ pace and last through long mains. Buy some new Hole Shot 2.0Buggy tires now!

Part #:
9041-02 M3 (Soft)
9041-03 M4 (Super Soft)
9041-32 M3 (Soft) Mounted/White
9041-33 M4 (Super Soft) Mounted/White


2012 BullDog Clear Body for RC8

Ryan Cavalieri is preparing for the IFMAR World Championships in 2012 and has developed the most advanced body yet: the 2012 BullDog body painted by Darkside Designs.  Ryan took great care in refining the design for 2012 to create even more stability with enhanced steering to gain an advantage on the track.  This is a must have body for the RC8.2 for the new racing season!

Part #:


Sand Paw 2.8″ Sand Truck Tires

Get ready to have some serious fun playing in the Sand and Snow because Pro-Line now has Sand Paw 2.8” tires that are perfect for your Stampede® and Stampede 4X4®! There is nothing like the rush of ripping through the sand dunes or shredding the fresh powdery snow with your truck. Other tires will just slip around in the sand and snow but the Sand Paw tires will grip, rip and roost!  Pro-Line once again has you covered with the Sand Paw 2.8” tires.

Part #:


Street Fighter 2.8″ Mounted on 2.8″ Desperado Wheels

Pro-Line Street Fighter 2.8″ (Traxxas® Style Bead) Street Truck Tires Mounted on Desperado Black Wheels (2) for JATO®Electric Stampede®, Nitro Stampede®/Rustler®. Based on the latest in high performance on-road tire technology, the Street Fighter 2.8” has the perfect balance of G force enhancement and style that will keep truck turning heads. These tires allow for awesome doughnuts, wheelies and burnouts on the asphalt and are also extremely durable!

The Desperado wheel is made out of extremely durable nylon material and features a molded in bead-loc ring for an awesome scale look. If you love to tear up the street with and you want to make your truck stand out from the rest, get some Pro-Line Street Fighter 2.8” mounted on Desperado wheels today!

Part #:
1181-11 Nitro Front
1181-12 Nitro Rear / Electric Front / Stampede® 4×4 F/R
1181-13 Electric Rear


Sling Shot 3.8″ Sand Tires Mounted on Desperado Black 1/2″ Offset 17mm Wheels

The newest form of fun is here with the release of the all new Sling Shot 3.8″ paddle tire for monster trucks and truggies. The Sling Shot provides hours of fun in the sand, snow or even in the occasional mud pit. Now that it comes pre-mounted on Desperado 3.8″ (Traxxas Style Bead) Wheels you have even more reason to go tear up the sand or snow!

Part #:


Hole Shot 2.0 SC 2.2″/3.0″ Mounted on Black Renegade Wheels

Short course trucks have become class leaders at many tracks around the nation because it’s fun and there’s a class for everyone. For those of you who want the most out of your short course truck, we have made the Hole Shot 2.0 tires even easier to use by offering them premounted!

So if you want a set up that is super easy to use and will help you with traction and control, then check out the Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0 mounted to the ProTrac Renegade wheels!

Part #:
1180-15 M3 (Soft) ProTrac™ Offset
1180-16 M3 (Soft) Slash® Rear Offset
1180-19 M4 (Super Soft) ProTrac™ Offset
1180-20 M4 (Super Soft) Slash® Rear Offset

Blockade SC 2.2″/3.0″ Mounted on Black Renegade Wheels

Welcome to the future of Short Course Racing – Meet the new tire that will take you there: Blockade SC. Inspiration was taken directly from the National Championship Winning 1:8 Buggy tires, providing you with the latest and greatest technology for your Short Course Truck. We have made the Blockade SC tires even easier to use by offering them premounted! If you are ready to step into the future and put your SC truck on top, get your own set of Blockade SC premounts now!

Part #:
1183-15 M3 (Soft) ProTrac™ Offset
1183-16 M3 (Soft) Slash® Rear Offset
1183-19 M4 (Super Soft) ProTrac™ Offset
1183-20 M4 (Super Soft) Slash® Rear Offset


Tazer Mounted on V2 White Wheels

This is a pair of Tazer Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires mounted on V2 White Wheels. Pro-Line has stunned the competition and shocked the racing community with the latest in high-performance race tire technology: TAZER With the input of World Class driver Ty Tessmann, Pro-Line has created a race tire that provides unmatched forward bite in loose and dusty track conditions without the undesired edginess.  The Tazer features large overlapping center treads that will last throughout the long A-mains and perfectly sized lugs that will propel you to the top of the podium.  Bring the competition to its knees – Get some Premounted Tazers today!

Part #:
9040-32 M3 (Soft) Mounted/White
9040-33 M4 (Super Soft) Mounted/White

Blockade Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires Mounted on V2 White Wheels

Pro-Line’s Blockade is the new must-have 1:8 Buggy Race tire and will dominate your local track. Now that they come mounted onto Pro-Line’s Velocity V2 wheels , you will tear up the track in an even shorter amount of time. The pre-mounted Blockade – The latest way that Pro-Line is Racing to Bring You The Best!

Part #:
9039-33 M4 (Super Soft) Mounted/White