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Kyle McBride Dominates 2012 Meakin Masters with Pro-Line!

Kyle McBride Wins Meakin Masters

Scott (Kyle’s Dad) sent in this race report from Kyle’s awesome weekend:


Kyle dominates the 2012 Meakin Masters!!

Kyle has now won this event 4 years in a row!!

The annual Meakin Masters which is held at the Meakin Track (The Brick Yard) in Kingston, Queensland, Australia.

Kyle hit the track for the first time on Saturday hard with his Kyosho TKI2, setting the T.Q pace for the first round.

The track was quite slick for the first run, so tire choice was critical, using the Pro-Line Bow Ties M3 for the first run set the time of 16 laps 10 min 15 seconds.

The second qualifier Kyle sets another T.Q going 4 seconds faster than the 1st qualifier!!

The second qualifier the track was starting to pack down nicely, so we decided to run the Pro-Line Sniper!!

The third qualifier Kyle equals his T.Q time setting another 16 lap 10 min 11 seconds.

Heading into the Amain the track was extremely hard packed, but polished smooth like wax, so we decided to run M4 Calibers

The start of the Amain Kyle pushed hard to break the pack, setting into a comfortable lead with his Kyosho TKI2!!

Kyle’s Kyosho was dialed!!

Kyle led from start to finish lapping the field twice and setting the fastest lap of the final!!

Another great win for Kyle and Pro-Line!!

Scott McBride


Congratulations Kyle on a great Victory!