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Pro-Line’s SC Open House a Huge Success!

This past weekend Pro-Line opened its legendary test track in Banning, CA to the local Short Course crowd for some fun, food and the opportunity to meet the a few of the top RC drivers in the World.  Over 100 different SC trucks made there way around the freshly prepared test track and everyone left the event full of tacos and pizza, a custom event T-Shirt, a bag of swag, tons of track time and a pair of M4 Blockade SC tires!

In anticipation of the event the Pro-Line track crew created a Short Course specific track that was fun, fast and challenging.  The track featured a long straightaway with a tricky roller jump halfway that unsettled even the most experienced drivers, a huge bowl turn that was a blast at full throttle, a blown-out whoop section that led to a double jump, a truck swallowing roller section in the back corner and a massive stepped table top jump along the left fence line.

At the end of the day we held a SC Top Gun Battle Race between the Pros for bragging rights.  The Pro Race included newly signed Pro-Line team drivers WC Cody King and Adam Drake, along with Ty Tessmann, Rhonda Drake, Scott Hughes and Pro-Line’s own Tim Clark and Gerardo Gonzalez.  At the sound of the tone Rhonda Drake shot to the front and never looked back.  Adam Drake made a push in the middle of the race to catch his wife and battle for the lead but he kept getting the wheel from the other trucks.  At the finish line Rhonda Drake took the crown as the Pro-Line Top Gun Champion with Adam Drake finishing Second and Gerardo Gonzalez in Third (Note: the Top 3 all had 4×4 trucks while the others had 2wd trucks, LOL!).  The Pros put on a great show of skill and fender banging action and everyone enjoyed watching how fast they made it around the track.

Check out Paul and Cody King’s coverage of the Event! 

Here are a few pictures from the event.

Our friend Buddy at Papaian Enterprises took some amazing pictures as well. So be sure to check them out here. Plus he makes it possible to order the ones you like in the size you want them.

Special thank you to the Cvengros family & friends who helped out with track maintenance and turn marshaling! You guys and gals are amazing and really made the day a special treat.

Thanks to all who came to our Open House and helped to make it a huge success!  Keep your eyes peeled to our Website and PL Facebook pages because you never know when the opportunity to run on our test track will come around again!

We will also have a video posted up soon so stay tuned.