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Big Squid’s Helion Dominus

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Dominus Street Tires

Some areas of the world are nice and sunny 12 months out of the year. Other places, like where the BSRC bash crew lives, the weather can get downright awful. After two straight weeks of rain and snow Cubby got tired of waiting for the off road tracks to dry up so he asked me to put the best street tires I could find on our Helion Dominus. After all, the parking lot right outside the BigSquid offices was bone dry, so why burn up perfectly good dirt tires?

My choice for best street shoes for any short course truck is very easy- Pro Line’s Street Fighters (about $20 a pair). The Street Fighters give excellent traction, look great, and last a long time.

The factory rims on the Dominus use the standard 12 mm hexes, but are a slightly different off-set than anything else on the market. Cubby would never allow stock rims, so I was ordered to find the best after-market rims available. After looking at virtually every rim on the market, I mounted the Street Fighters up to Pro Line Split Six bead-loc wheels (also about $20 a pair). These are the same offset as Slash 4×4 rims, and while they make your truck slightly wider than the stock Helion rims, they don’t cause any clearance problems and look great on the Dominus. An added bonus from the Pro Line bead-loc rims is not having to glue tires on, you simply tighten up the bead-locs and you are ready to rock.

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