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Alex Eklund sweeps the 17.5 Class’s @ 2012 Novak Race with Pro-Line

The Hobby Plex held the 2012 Novak Offroad race January 7-8.  Around 190 entries entered for the event.  The air temps and track temps varied greatly throughout the day from 30 degrees F to 50 Degrees F.  I competed in 17.5 2wd SCT, 17.5 Stadium Truck and 17.5 2wd Buggy

The 17.5 Buggy class had the most competition at 36 entries for the Event.  Saturday Qualifying Rounds 1 & 2 the track was warm and had great traction.  I ran M4 Suburbs and P-L Closed Cell Foam on all my vehicles and they were planted to the track !  When Rd 3 came around the sun was down and the air temp dropped to the low 30’s and the track became slick.  I stuck with the M4 Suburbs on SCT but went to an “Old Syle” M3 Square Fuzzie on Stadium Truck and the “New” M4 Square Fuzzie on the Buggy!  The Square Fuzzie’s really let me push my car on the slick track with a very stable in control feeling!  After Qualifying was over I was sitting TQ for 17.5 SCT and 17.5 Stadium Truck with a 3rd place in 17.5 2wd Buggy.  The early start for the Mains on Sunday had low temps and I stuck with my super consistent M4 Square Fuzzie’s for the Buggy and M3 for Truck.  After all the mains were finished up I swept   1st place in 17.5 SCT, 17.5 Stadium Truck and 17.5 2wd Buggy running Pro-Line tires and Closed Cell Foam inserts!   

Welcome back the Square Fuzzie tire from the past with the same great traction with awesome tire wear!