Factory Team / Race Events


The 2nd-5th of November I attended the 2011 RC Pro National Finals in Porter, TX at Gulf Coast Raceway. In my personal opinion, I thought the track was AWESOME and I loved the layout! When I entered the finals I was tied for 1st in points in both intermediate arena truck and buggy! The temps were supposed to get into the low 50s in the mornings, and up to the 70s in the afternoon.

Practice (Wednesday) I ran my same old setup, it was working so we didn’t change it. In practice I ran M3 Hole Shots in both Truck and Buggy and they were hooked up!

Qualifying (Thursday & Friday) In qualifying I ran the M3 Hole shots for both cars since in practice I really liked them. During qualifying we really didn’t have any problems other than we had 2 bad runs in both classes.

 MAINS (Friday and Saturday) For the mains I ran the M3 Revolver 2.0 for both Truck and Buggy. During the mains we had problems :/. On the truggy I qualified in the A-main, I was running about 4th or 5th when I came off a jump and broke the rear output that turned it into a 2wd so… my crew went to try to fix it while I waited, it was a good 10 to 15 -min but that didn’t matter because I knew I needed to get back on the track and get more laps since there were other cars that were also breaking. So I needed the most laps I could get so I could finish as high in points as possible! Then at the end, on the last lap, I broke the rear hub ending up with a 10th place finish in that race and 4th place finish in the nation! 🙂

In buggy we just had one of those bad luck weekends :(, I was in the C-Main and right when the flag man put the flag down I flamed out but the race was started, so Aaron Simmons (my pit man at the time) got me fired back up and out onto the track, I end up catching up and finishing 3rd in the C main so I didn’t bump. Overall I finished 5th in the nation in buggy! 


Comments: I had a great season and I learned “a lot” of things that will help me in the future and I met a lot of awesome people! I would like to thank Eddie Doggett, Aaron Simmons, and Derek Keeling for helping me get into my mains while my dad had to be at work. I would like to give a special thanks to all my sponsors that got me this far, I couldn’t have done it without you guys! Congrats to Cade Whitenton, and Jason Branham for the awesome finishes!


Well until next time,

Aaron “Nugget” Hess



BullDog Body

Yellow Wheels

Medium Glue

High DownForce Wing

1st-5th Rd. of qualifying- M3 Hole shots

Main- M3 Revolvers 2.0


Bulldog Body

Yellow Wheels

High DownForce Wing

Medium Glue

1s-5th Rd. of qualifying- M3 Holeshots

Main- M3 Revolver 2.0