Factory Team

SC10 4×4 with PowerStroke shocks

What’s up SC10 4×4 fans! For those of you who would like to run our PowerStroke shocks on you’re truck like myself I have a quick breakdown of how to mount them up. You will be using our rear PowerStroke shocks #6063-01 on all four corners. Next you will also need our PowerStroke SC Universal Mounting Hardware kit #6063-05. Another good item to have available is the Shock Spring Assortment kit #6063-04.  The final item you will need to use are four M3 washers.

Here you can see how the hardware goes mounted on the front shock tower.

This is the rear shock tower with the hardware ready to go.

On the front shocks you will have to add 6mm of limiters underneath the piston to limit the down travel. You will also be using the stock AE shock pivot balls on the PowerStroke shocks in order for them to fit in between the mounting locations on the arms on all four shocks.

Here it is ready to hit the track. Shock oil weight and spring rate selection will vary by track conditions but a good starting point would be in Front: 32.5 wt oil, Yellow Upper Spring and Blue Lower Spring. Rear: 25 wt oil, Yellow Upper Spring and Blue Lower Spring. Thanks for checking it out and enjoy.