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Increase Your Tire Options for your 1:16th E-Revo / Mini Summit!


Hey all you Traxxas Mini Fans, here’s a quick tip to help increase the tire options for your 1:16th E-Revo and Mini Summit! By Installing 1:16th Mini Summit wheels on your 1:16th E-Revo, you can open up a wide option of Pro-Line 2.2″ Truck Tire selections and increase the stability of you vehicle! The 1:16th Mini Summit wheels are based on traditional 2.2″ truck wheels and are affordable.  They come with either red, blue or yellow pre painted bead lock ring detail and are a smaller version of the full size 3.3 Revo and Summit Geode wheels!


To Get the maximum performance from you Mini, always monitor the temperature of your motor and speed controller when installing larger size tires. I always try to drop down a few pinion sizes as my tire size increases. This is especially the case for the 1:16th Mini E-Revo.  Both 1:16th Mini E-Revo and the 1:16th Mini Summit come with a 50 tooth spur gear, so most of your performance tuning can be done with pinion gears. When installing larger tires on the 1:16th Mini E-Revo, I would start with a 19T ot 23T depending on the size of the tire and adjust based on the operating temature of your motor. These pinions are priced affordably and can be purchased directly from Traxxas

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We at Pro-Line Racing are committed to bringing you the best in RC performance and innovation. We hope these product tips help enhance your RC vehicles performance as well as your experience in the RC sport for years to come!