The President's Corner

Pro-Line World Championships and Championship Drivers

Jay Halsey

Jay Halsey, our first World Champion back in 1985. Jay won the 2WD class in this IFMAR World Championship in Pomona, California on Pro-Line’s 109-R Champions 1.5” rear tires (part #1010). Pro-Line’s first World Championship, Pro-Line was started two years earlier in 1983.

Brian Kinwald

Brian Kinwald, our second World Champion, eight years later in 1993 in Basildon, England. Brian “the Dirtinator” Kinwald used a set of Pro-Line flat Stubbies 2.15” in the rear of his 2WD car combined with M2 compound to win the class. (Part # 8086-01)

Masami Hirosaka

Masami Hirosaka went on to win the 4WD class in Basildon with flat Stubbies M2 in the rear and 4WD front Stubbies in M2 (part # 8135-01) on the front. This was Pro-Line’s third World Championship.

Masami then went on to win Pro-Line’s sixth World Championship in 1999 in Rauma, Finland. Masami took the 2WD class with the Hole Shot 2.2” rear tire in M2 and wide 4-rib 2.2” on the front.

Matt Francis

In 1995, Pro-Line headed over to Tsukuba City, Japan to the home of Yokomo and Yatabe Arena with a  box of Square Fuzzies 2.15” rear tires in M2 and ended up winning both the 2WD and 4WD classes with this tire (part number 8089-01) Matt Francis won the 2WD class with his Associated RC10 B2. That was Pro-Line’s fourth IFMAR World Championship.

Thanks to all the team Pro-Line guys that have made it happen over the years! May there be many more World Championships to race for!

Many thanks,
Todd Mattson, President