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Pro-Line won the Euros in Portugal – Madrid Modelismo

Dear all,

We are very proud to announce, as you already know, that Pro-Line has won the Euros 2010 with Renaud Savoya, as well as achieving second place with Spaniard Robert Batlle. Once again Pro-Line products have been on top, showing their premium quality.

One of the drivers that we directly support from Madrid Modelismo, this is Alberto Garcia, did an excellent job in the race, making it to the final and ending on 11th place that together Jerome Sartel who finished in 5th place made it four Pro-Line drivers in the Main Final.

For sure the result obtained in Portugal have been great for the brand and for all of us who are concerned about Pro-Line products.

I would like to thank Luis and Andre and all the people from our partner Novamodel in Portugal for their help and determination on promoting Pro-Line during the event.

From here and on behalf of all our drivers and our partner in Portugal we would like to thank for the help and support given for this event. All the material you sent for the race made the event bigger and better and gave a good image of the brand. Thanks to this support all drivers using Pro-Line had all their needs covered in the race.

With the Euros already past, know we look forward on achieving the same or best result in the worlds latter this year.

We hope all the best for all the Pro-Line team and hope good results continue to come.

Thank you very much for your constant support.

Best regards,

Ignacio Madrid