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Readers Ridez Winner

Congratulations Bryan Burdick on winning the Readers Rides contest for this week!

 Bryan submitted his collection of Monster Ridez and won!

Description: My son’s Slash has the Protrac system with Switch tire and Pro-Line body. The REVO has the Titus bead-loc wheels with Dirt Hawg tires and Slipstream body. And the Baja ss has the Excavator Tires on black Desperado rear wheels all the way around with the Desert Rat body.

All I have to say is these cars handle so much better with these tire set-ups. And my son’s Slash handles so much better with that Protrac system. Before he was flipping that truck all the time, now I can’t even flip it. Amazing system!!!!!!

Great work Bryan!

Don’t forget to submit your ride at http://www.prolineracing.com/blog/submit-your-ride/ for a chance to win.