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Italian Buggy 1:8 Nationals

Fabio Boero won the Italian Buggy 1:8 Nationals and Fabrizio Teghesi was 3rd at the end. Tortorici and AKA were second. Riccardo Rabitti who had the pole until the semifinal was the man to beat! Unfortunately, he had some engine problems during the semifinal when he was about 10 seconds in front of everybody and for this reason he went out of the A main.

Our two drivers used for the A-main the Knuckles M2 with 6115-02 inserts

All weekend Rabitti used Pro-Line Revolver M2 with 6115-02 inserts.

Cat. F1
1° Fabio Boero – Mugen / Reds / Pro-Line / Meccafuel
2° Davide Tortorici – HoBao / Sirio / AKA / DT Fuel
3° Fabrizio Teghesi – Kyosho / O.S. / Pro-Line / MLC


Race Report and picture provided by Lorenzo Ristori