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Pro-Line Dominated the 2nd Annual Snow Trophy race

The 2nd Annual Snow Trophy race for Nitro Off-road cars in St. Johann/Pg in Austria took place on Feb 20-21st! The event saw perfect weather, a perfect track with snow and a lot of action all around! 3 classes where raced:

Truggy –

1. Mikie Klausner Mugen/Novarossi/Pro-Line
2. Michael Selner Mugen/Novarossi/ Pro-Line
3. Hannes Salchegger Associated/Novarossi/ Pro-Line

Buggy –

1. Michael Klausner sen Mugen/Novarossi/ Pro-Line

2. Daniel Schmiederer HB/LRP/VTEC

3. Christian Gruenbacher LRP/LRP/VTEC

Monster Truck –

1. Josef Fenninger Traxxas/Novarossi/ Pro-Line
2. Christian Bartacek Traxxas/TRX/ Pro-Line

3. Christian Brachmaier HPI/LRP/ Pro-Line