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New HoleShot 2.0 = No Contest!

Hey Pro-Liners hope all is going well this holiday season for everyone! We just had the Clash race here in Tampa at the infamous Lake Park Track and it sure was a good one. Drivers from all across the country showed up to do battle in both electric and nitro classes. For this race I ran Super Stock 2wd and Truck and 1:8th Nitro Expert….. Ya ya I know I should have run modified but due to bogus controlled tire rules for the modified class I ran super stock :)…… but it was awesome to get back to the grass roots of racing and having fun. It was all about carrying speed and not making mistakes. I managed to grab the TQ spot in both classes and run pretty outstanding mains. In truck I stuck to my trusty Holeshot T’s the whole weekend on the front and rear with stock foams and as always it was untouchable but what I am super excited about is the new Holeshot 2.0 for the 2wd buggies.


Guys… I am here to tell you that this tire is sooo freakin good it’s like cheating. It provides gobs of forward traction, a ton of side bite for fast consistent cornering, and wear that is unparalleled by any other 1/10th scale tire on the market! The pair of Holeshot 2.0’s that I ran in the 10 minute Super Stock 2wd main has well over 50% tread left on them after running on what is probably one of the most abrasive tracks in the country. When everyone else was running their version of a “scrub” tire, I was running the new holeshot and running laps that were almost a half a second faster each lap.


I won truck and finished 2nd in 2wd because of a last lap incident that happened while I was leading. In 1:8th expert my car was great, I qualified 4th overall, tied in points with fellow Pro-Line racer Ryan Cavaleri who qualified 3rd and went on to finish second. In the main I had a radio issue that took me out of the running but I ran an M3 Revolver with the Blue Closed Cell Foam and Ryan ran the M3 Holeshot with the new EVO Black Foam. Both combos seemed to work very well. Ryan Also Won Truggy using M3 VTR Holeshot Truggy tires mounted on LPR wheels. (Another bogus tire rule for a 09 race)


Other than that guys nothing else is going on, just getting ready for Santa and the New Year. We have a gas state race in the early part of January and then I start Grad School in February so we are going to be coming out of the gate quick. Talk to you then!

 Till next time,

Leon McIntosh