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November 09’ Dunes Trip

When: November 13th -15th

Where: Gordon’s Well Sand Dunes, CA


This was my first trip the dunes.  I have ridden locally in Arizona and also up at the Cinders in Northern AZ (Meteor Crater Area), however I have never had experienced anything like the dunes.  I drove out with my brother and our 07’ TRX450R’s in tow.  Arrived at the dunes around 7PM and met up with our buddies who already had camp set-up and a fire blazing.  After a few beverages and dinner, watching the spectacle of the dunes at night is a treat.  From fireworks, to rails blasting down the Sand Highway, and the stars, it’s quite a relaxing experience.  Sleeping in a tent has its disadvantages.  Waking up at 6am with the sun and being frozen doesn’t make for a fun morning.  After climbing out of our tent, we all headed to the Dunes Diner near I-8 and the entrance to Gordon’s Well.  Having hot food is great in the morning, I ended up getting a standard eggs, bacon, and toast.  Definitely hit the spot.  I heard rumors of a breakfast bowl that would literally give you a heart attack after eating it.  Look forward to it next trip J.  After breakfast we geared up and headed out to the dunes.  Ended up carving the dunes for about 4 hours before we headed back in for lunch.  After lunch, we headed to competition hill and the wall for a while.  Ended up heading back just before dusk and caught the sand drags.  This was awesome to watch and partake in.  Rails, quads, dirt bikes, Ultra-Lite planes, you name it, it was out at the sand drags on Saturday night.  Going 60MPH+ on your quad at dusk is a blast!  Saturday night was pretty lame actually; I was exhausted and fell asleep shortly after dinner.  Sunday I woke up at 4am to a howling sand storm and covered in sand.  Tried to get some more sleep but ended up waking back up around 6:30 and packing my tent up and gear up and sleeping another 2 hours in my car.  We rode for a few hours Sunday morning before finally getting out of there and heading back to Phoenix.  Even though I was tired and sore, I had a great time with my good friends.  Can’t replace that!

Top 3 List of Recommended Dune Accessories

  • Leatt Brace
  • RV or Toy Hauler
  • Polaris Predator