Race Events

Nitrocross World Championships

When: October 15th -18th

Where: The Nitro Pit, Wittman, AZ

Products Used: Velocity Wheels (0 offset), Caliber VTR M3, Pro-Line HD Wing

The 2nd annual Nitrocross World Championships were held at the premier 1/8th off-road facility in the US, The Nitro Pit in Wittman, AZ.  This is the second year (event is held every 2 years) of this prestigious event.  With attendance from the top drivers all over the world and nationally, this event showcases the who’s who of 1/8th R/C Racing.  A great addition to this year’s event was the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORS) being held across the facility at Speedworld’s dirt-oval facility.  As many of you may know, Team Associated is a premier sponsor of this series.  It was a great opportunity for us, the racers and the spectators over at LOORS to get to enjoy both types of racing and the spectacle of each event.  I ran the intermediate truggy class with my new RC8T Championship Edition powered by a Team Orion Alpha .21.  I ended up having rough luck in qualifying due to motor issues (last time I take a brand new motor to a race without having it fully broken in).  I ended up middle of the pack in the B-Main.  On Sunday, I ended up lapping the field twice in the B-Main setting me up for 13th position on the grid for the A-Main.  With a 30 minute A-Main, there is plenty of time to work up to the front of the pack.  Right before the A, my pitman bailed on me for other unknown duties (THANKS SQUIRELL) and the man himself, Louis Cavalieri stepped up to help me.  At the start of the main I was up to 5th quickly then was hammered over the triple and shuffled back to last.  By the 10-minute mark I was all the way up to 2nd and closing in on the lead.  By the 20-minute mark I was running in first and slowly pulling away.  However, with 2 minutes to go, I was caught in a big pack of traffic and it slowed my paced significantly (trying to drive smart and not crash).  I ended up allowing 2nd place to catch up to me and on the last lap was taken out by a back-marker and lost the lead.  Oh well!  That’s racing; we always have another race to go to for more great stories and bowling trophies.  So with the poor result in qualifying, ending up 2nd overall didn’t hurt my feelings at all! Just can’t wait for the 2011 Nitrocross World Champs!



Top 3 List of Cars I Want to Drive

  • Ferrari F2007 F1 Car
  • ZR1 Corvette
  • 67’ Shelby GT500