Race Events

Arizona State Championship

When: October 10th-11th 2009

Where: Scottsdale R/C Speedway (SRS)

Products Used: Velocity Wheels, Suburbs in MX Compound, and Crowd-Pleazer Bodies

This year was the 26th year of the Arizona State Championship held at SRS in Scottsdale, AZ.  This year I ran the 10.5 2wd Buggy and 10.5 2wd Truck class.  Total entrants were around 150+ from Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.  As always, the SRS crew put on a great race and with their latest addition, announcer guru Kenny Brosh on the microphone, made the racing and qualifying that much more exciting.  The racing format is qualifying points (best 2 out of 4 rounds) and the main event (for the 10.5 class) was 15 minutes.  After taking a brief hiatus from 1/10th scale racing, this was my first major race back.  After slowly wiping the cobwebs off my driving skills, I brought it together in qualifying.  I qualified 3rd in 10.5 Truck and 5th in 10.5 Buggy.  When the mains started, I was off on a great start in truck.  It was a tight battle for the top 3 spots.  I worked my way up in to first until I landed hard off the backside 30ft triple (huge jump for 1/10th) and stripped a spur gear, retiring me from the race with 3 minutes left.  In 2wd, I was battling hard throughout the race but one too many mistakes cost me a podium and I ended up finishing where I started in 5th.  It was great to be back out racing again and I can’t wait for the Cactus Classic this year. 

Top 3 List of Quotable Movies

  • Super Troopers
  • Anchorman
  • Back to the Future (1-3)