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2009 Southwest Indoor Grand Prix

Competition Hobbies hosted the 2009 Southwest Indoor Grand Prix and the race went great!!!

In 1:12 scale a majority of racers opted for the PROTOform body but it was Pro-Line team driver Brian Kinwald who TQed and walked away with the win.


Brian also TQed and won Sedan with Ryan Maifield coming in 2nd. Both reached for the PROTOform R9 body to take them to the front of the pack.


Brian didn’t waste any time taking home the TQ and win in Modified truck using MX Suburbs and coming in a close second in 2WD with the MX Suburbs

Brian even let Josh Rehberg borrow his SC10 and he won with Pro-Line Bow-Tie M3 tires!!

Brian stated, “All in all it was good. Pro-Line tires were the tires of choice. Everyone liked em’ better than anything else!!!”

More information available from X-factory