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PROTOform Sweeps the ROAR On-Road Fuel Nationals

The results are in and it’s official. PROTOform dominates the 2009 ROAR On-Road Fuel Nationals in Toledo, Ohio. Mugen’s own Mike Swauger takes the 1:8 crown using PROTOform’s P909 body.

PROTOform’s Paul Lemiuex takes top honors on the pole going into the main. His Stratus 3.1 body allowed him to be the fastest most consistent driver in qualifying and kept the qualifying streak alive with the top podium spot in the main.

Long time supporter of PROTOform and all-around fantastic guy Eli Ezrow showed his true colors in the Master’s class by matching Paul’s performance with¬†a TQ and win.

Out of the three A-mains  31 out of 38 drivers chose PROTOform and their body of choice. Passion and performance is what PROTOform is all about and the results speak volume to just that.

Congrats Mike, Paul and Eli!


2009 On-Road Fuel Nationals Equipment List

1/8 Open
Finish Qual Name Hometown Chassis Body
1 5 Mike Swauger Trabuco Canyon, CA Mugen Protoform
2 3 Paolo Morganti Miami, FL Serpent Protoform
3 4 Paul Cicarello Cuyahoga Falls, OH Mugen Protoform
4 2 Scott Kimbrow Sacramento, CA Kyosho Protoform
5 10 Aaron Buran Medina, OH Kyosho Protoform
6 9 Sal DiFazio Colorado Springs, CO Kyosho Protoform
7 6 Josh Cyrul Farmington Hills, MI Shepherd Protoform
8th & TQ 1 Ralph Burch Corinth, TX Mugen Protoform
9 8 DJ Apolaro Miami, FL Serpent Zytek
10 12 Steve Rossi Parker, CO Mugen Protoform
11 11 Joel Johnson Mission Viejo, CA Kyosho Protoform
12 7 Brian Berry Flat Rock, MI Mugen Protoform
Finish Qual Name Hometown Chassis Body
1 & TQ 1 Eli Ezrow Cincinnati, OH Shepherd Protoform
2 5 Joaquin DeSoto SR. Miami, FL Serpent Blitz
3 2 Skip Starkey Carbondale, IL Mugen Protoform
4 3 Rick Davis Detroit, MI Kyosho Protoform
5 6 Harry Hananouchi San Mateo, CA Mugen Protoform
6 8 Paul Becattin New York, NY Kyosho Protoform
7 10 Kevin Hutchinson Naples, FL Mugen ?
8 11 Randy Ramsey Woodriver, IL Motonica Protoform
9 4 O.V. Opheim Sioux Falls, SD Kyosho Protoform
10 9 Greg Esser Pompano Beach, FL Mugen Protoform
11 12 Bill Walth Sioux Falls, SD Kyosho Protoform
12 7 Brent Gottfried Toledo, OH Kyosho Protoform
1/10 Sedan
Finish Qual Name Hometown Chassis Body
1 & TQ 1 Paul Lemieux Milwaukee, WI Xray Protoform
2 4 Josh Cyrul Farmington Hills, MI Shepherd Blitz
3 2 Ralph Burch Corinth, TX Xray Protoforum Stratus
4 3 Bobby Flack Grand Blanc, MI Xray Protoforum
5 8 Scotty Gray Miami, FL Xray Protoform Stratus
6 10 Chris Doseck Tipp City, OH Xray Protoform
7 9 Vincent Jackson Capitol Heights, MD Serpent Blitz
8 13 Tommy DeSantis Pine Island, FL Xray Stratus 3.1
9 6 Paolo Morganti Miami, FL Serpent Altis
10 11 Uriah Murnan Astell, GA Xray Protoform Stratus 3.1
11 12 Roniel Regalado Miami Lakes, FL Xray Protoform Stratus 3.1
12 5 D.J. Apolaro Miami, FL Serpent ?
13 14 Diatta Collymore New York, NY Xray Protoform Stratus 3.1
14 7 Andy Power Clarkston, MI Kyosho Protoforum