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Catching Up

Hi everybody. Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted, school has been kicking my butt. So there is a lot that has happened since I was last on here. The Worlds went on, the Championship at Gateway for the High School Eliminator was decided, and the iHobby Expo took place.

First off, I will tell you all about the drag racing. I last posted on here about my first win. Well that first win really did a lot for my self-esteem. I went to the races after that not being nervous about losing, but looking ahead to winning it all. As the closing weeks of the Championship approached, I was sitting in 4th just 40 points out of 1st. In the last four weeks of racing, my car ran consistent and fast. I made the final round those last four weeks, and I won 3 out of the 4. Going into round 11 of 11, I was sitting in 3rd, 10 points out 1st. As the night went on, I made my time runs early on, and then took a quick break before we had to head up to the lanes. My car ran a 12.14, 12.16, and 12.14 in time runs. Going into the first round I dialed my car 12.14, it ran dead on. In the second round, I faced the kid sitting 2nd in points. I dialed my car in the same number and ran dead on yet again. With the kid sitting in 2nd, I could now focus on the points leader. In the third round, I faced a kid with a mustang that ran 12.19. I dialed my car a 12.13 for that race because it was cooling down. I went through my burn out, took a deep breath, and staged the car. I waited for the lights to come down, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, GREEN. I took off. At the stripe, it was my 12.13 with a 1 that took the win. Final round, and the points leader was my opponent. They had been figuring the points out and I overheard that if I beat him, I would win the championship by 1 point. The pressure was all on him. After we both got in our cars, did our burn outs, and staged, it was the moment everyone had been waiting for. We both took off, going down the track; he was out in front of me the whole time, even through the traps. I looked over at the win light on my side of the track. I had just won, he ran faster than his time. I just clinched the High School Eliminator Championship it was so incredibly awesome.Now the Worlds: Heading into North Carolina, I had practiced my butt off. I put in a lot of time, racing and practicing as much as I could. This race was my first World Championship, so I really had no idea what to expect. Racing in the mud was definitely weird, I really didn’t like it that much, but we had to. After qualifying I was qualified 10th, so I was pretty pumped. Going into the semi, of course I wanted to bump into the main, but I was also thinking at the same time that if I didn’t bump up I wouldn’t be crushed. I had already accomplished something by qualifying 10th in a World Championship. Well I didn’t bump out of the semi. I missed the bump spot by 8 seconds, but I learned a lot. That race was really rough, nobody, including lappers were giving an inch. Overall the World’s was a great race for me, I learned a lot about not only racing, but I learned a lot about myself. It was also great to see a Pro-Line driver win, and congratulations to Hara, he drove great in the main. Well, I must get off of here and do some homework. I will be back on in a couple of weeks and let everyone know how things are going. Till then, keep racing and having fun!

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