Factory Team

I’m ready!

While many of my local friends are on road racing the Midwest Series race in Toledo this weekend, and all the honch dirt guys are busy at some ‘BIG’ race in Charlotte, North Carolina 🙂 … I find myself heading to Las Vegas for a week of ‘work’.¬†

It really doesn’t matter what field you work in, trade shows suck the life out of you.¬†I’ll be staying in the Venetian, which is physically connected to the convention center the show is at.¬†In theory, I could go all week without ever going outside.¬†Breathing that much recycled air for a week… it’s like being stuck inside an airplane.¬†Good times.

Me and some of my R/C dedicated co-workers will travel with our Losi Micro T’s.¬†With our massive hotel rooms, we’ll construct the 2008 Venetian Indoor Super Cross track.¬†Doesn’t matter if we’re not racing hour long 1:8 buggy mains, we’re a serious as a heart attack.