Factory Team

Surf’s Up

All you ‘Left Coasters’ think you have all the fun…¬† Well, here in the Midwest, we simply bolt up two stroke engines to everything :)¬†¬† This past Labor Day weekend, we had probably the nicest three days of weather of nearly the entire summer.¬† It was the perfect time to play with all the toys.


This is 25+ years old or now.¬† My parents bought it (barely) used when I was like 11 or so.¬† Check out the vintage decal action!¬† The control off the front is a hydraulic throttle control, then¬†it has¬†a tether/kill switch that you can see going from the engine area to my vest.¬† It’s a 2 cylinder, two cycle (pull start only) that¬†I think it rated around¬†15 hp.¬† It’ll top out about 30mph.



es1.JPG  es2.JPG