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Who Needs NASCAR?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of nearly all forms of racing.¬†I of course enjoy all the traditional forms, but who doesn’t enjoy some good ole’ lawnmower racing or belt sander racing?¬†Anyway, as a fan,¬†I typically find myself defending NASCAR to people that see it as a ‘they just turn left’ event.¬†I enjoy watching a lot of the strategy that crew chiefs employ to position their driver in a position to win.¬†Either way, the race yesterday at ‘The Brickyard 400’ was an unfortunate let down.¬†For those not in the know, it seems like the combination of the Car of Tomorrow (isn’t it today yet?), the abrasive Indianapolis surface (not designed for NASCAR), and a unproven tire compound made for a less than stellar show.¬†The event was stopped repeatedly so teams could inspect and replace failing rubber.¬†

Well, my weekend fuel burning fun was not going to be put on the line.¬†I decided instead to go back¬†and watch¬†some good ole’ demolition.¬†This demo had actual racing, though…they call it Team Demolition.¬† The goal, one of the team cars has to complete four laps around the mud oval.¬†All the other cars can opt to run ‘offence’ or ‘defense’ however they saw fit.¬†Cars were cutting across the track for massive take out moves.¬†All this to a sold out crowd…and everyone left with a huge smile on their face.¬†It was brutal, primal…and awesome.¬† Long live racing!

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