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R/C Racing in Asia and Spicy Food

Hey there! It has been some time as I have been quite busy as of late. We’ve (CEN Racing) been working on many new products that are due out later this year and my time has been limited. Although, I’m not one to complain, I definitely needed some time away. So, with that in mind what better place to visit but Thailand! No, it’s not the presumed beach, Pina Colada and a hammock, but Bangkok Thailand is definitely 2nd to none when it comes to culture, food, and of course R/C Racing.


My first stop was in Bangkok Thailand where I visited our CEN Racing Distributor and entered into Thailand Cup that had a surprisingly decent turnout of apx 200 entries. The race went well and I really enjoyed the hospitality out there.

buggy-podium.jpg thailand-race.jpg truggy-podium.jpg

Although I‚Äôm not big into spicy food, I MUST say… Thai food is hands down the spiciest food I have ever sampled! The taste was great and I devoured my meals while washing them down with some refreshing Singha beers (A well-known beer native to Thailand). Yes the food was great and the beer exquisite, but the after-math was, well…. indecent to say the least. I paid for every pepper or spice that I had consumed.

I had a great time out there and would recommend visiting Bangkok Thailand to anyone. My only recommendation is to respect the spicy food! I will be returning to Thailand in December 2008 for an international 1:8th scale buggy race and I am looking forward to it. Tums, Rolaids, and my Pro-line Tires in hand.