Factory Team

The Hunt for the Unicorn

Unfortunately, this guy has to pay the bills before he goes and play with his toy cars.¬†Work has kept me on the move, and I have to pass on one of the best on road events of the summer.¬†The Byron’s Challenge is this weekend, and it’s one of the few events where¬†a handful of the¬†fast west coast guys show up and show us locals how it’s done.¬†Turns out, I’ll be out on the left coast for work, so no toy cars for me.

¬†¬†¬†In an attempt to punk out your city bike more than the next guy, this guy has something special going on.¬†It’s not mine, but this mythical ‘unicorn bike’ was spotted at one¬†of my local bike racks here in Chicago.¬† To each his own, I guess