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The Great Northwest

Hello Pro-Line viewers. I titled this Blog “The Great Northwest” because in my eyes it really is amazing. I recently went to the Lunsford Gas Blast in Portland, Oregon and after the event I went directly over to Couer d’Alene to work with Performance R/C Hobbies on some projects. While staying up in this beautiful region I had the opportunity to go with Matt Afana to ride snowmobiles in the fresh Idaho powder. WOW what an amazing and truly breathtaking experience for a California Native!

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From the second we started on the narrow trails, ducking under fallen trees and limbs hanging down into the path, I was in absolute awe of how beautiful the dense snow covered forest was. I could not believe that I was actually miles out on some mountain, where it seemed that only Grizzly Adams had ever been before. I really don’t have words to accurately describe how amazing it was. If you are an avid snowmobile rider, I salute you friend, because you are tapped into one of the most amazingly peaceful experiences I have ever had.

Once again racing R/C cars has given me the opportunity to enjoy life and understand how blessed I really am, and I hope it does the same for you! I’ll see you at the races! Gary Guest

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