Factory Team

Mid Week Madness

I was able to squeeze in a mid-week club race, but it sure seemed like everything was working against me. It all started with my commuter train running late. Once I got home, I headed out in my car for what would normally be the 45-minute drive. It took me a half hour just to go 5 miles to the highway. Some crazy car accident had everything jacked up. From there, I merged onto a highway full of cars that were not moving. Turns out, a tanker truck full of fuel overturned and was engulfed in flames.  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-tanker-fire-webapr03,0,4173839.story 

Once the traffic finally started moving, I was following a truck pulling an empty trailer.¬†The driver nearly lost control of his rig, and the trailer swerved violently, taking up both lanes.¬†Could there be any more things working against me?¬†¬†¬†¬†Well, I made it to the track, albeit late.¬†Weekday races run a compact schedule with two short qualifying rounds and then the mains, and I had already missed the first round.¬†A night at the track is always a good time, but it was a bit hectic just getting there!¬† Check out this pic¬†a¬†friend¬†of mine recently sent me.¬†This is¬†his son Mason, and he’s proudly showing off¬†his new rigs.¬†Even though he’s pretty new to¬†r/c, he’s¬†making a name for himself at the local¬†shop and track.¬†Go buddy, go!