Factory Team

Spring Cleaning

Hello everyone!! Well its springtime now and you know what that means – spring-cleaning!! As I was walking into my garage this past weekend to do some wrenching on my nitro whip’s, I looked around and was inspired to do some cleaning (actually, my lady called me out and said “I was straight slippin’ on the garage etiquette” – so you know I had to do work son!!! Can’t be havin’ a dirty garage.) Anyway, as I was rambling through some things I struck gold!!! I found the only 1/10th scale off-road buggy body that I kept from back in my electric days with associated.


This is the “Mirage” body that was made by RCPS (Cliff Lett’s company at the time) with a custom airbrush paint job by yours truly. Basically, this was the body of choice to run on the aluminum chassis RC10 whether you were sponsored or not – I bought many of them before I got picked up. So before I knew it, I had been staring at the body for half an hour as it had sparked many memories. The garage cleaning and my wrenching did finally get done and I was so psyched that I found that body – nostalgia for sure. Good times!!!! CR