Factory Team

Neo-Buggy Race, England

Well I just returned back home in the good ol US of A after a weeklong trip at the Neo-Buggy Race in the UK. This race was a little more special than most other races I’ve been to abroad, mainly because we were able to do a little sight seeing. Myself, Jay Halsey and Taylor James spent the first few days in down town London to do the typical tourist stuff. What stood out in down town London was all the HOT girls, they are tuff, it was very cold and short skirts seem to be the fashion in March. We got to ride the London Eye (big ferris wheel) it showed us an “aces” view of London, as the locals would put it. We got to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and a gazillion pubs¬†as well, my kind of town!¬†Congrats to Pro-Line for taking the 1-2-3 win at the Neo Race as well as 11 out 14 spots in the final!

I give UK a big thumbs up!


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