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What A Crazy Three Weeks

What a crazy three weeks of racing! Being on the road, for me, are some of the best times in life. After racing The Dirt Nitro Challenge in Arizona I immediately flew to Spokane, Washington where I met up the crew from Performance R/C Hobbies and started our trek up to Red Deer, Alberta Canada to attend The Canadian Winternationals.   This is the second year we trudged the crazy blizzard conditions and numerous Elk and Deer crossings in the old Ford F-350 with 33 foot parts trailer in tow, and ten or twelve hours later we arrived in “Race Condition.” LOL.  We spent five days in Canada, if you haven’t gone you’re missing out, and then Rick McCrery, Matt Afana, Anthony Howarth and I started the venture back to Spokane and it was a great time with close friends. I was almost feeling done when it hit me; you have got one more race before this series is done, the Silver State Nitro Challenge.  So I packed it all up and flew directly to Vegas and was in miserable agony the whole week of racing this event.

Looking back I wouldn’t trade it for the anything, well maybe the terrible Vegas weather conditions, but I spent three weeks with my teammates and some of my closest friends which I think are some of the most valuable times in life, and hope you get to experience times like this too. 

I hope to see you at the races,

Gary Guest

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