Factory Team

Escape from Winter

Last week, I got out of Chicago and flew out to Los Angeles.¬† It was great to get away from the constant cold & gray Midwest and get some sun.¬†Clear skies and 80 felt awful good…well, clear by L.A. standards…¬†Got a few buddies out to one of the many L.A. area indoor kart tracks for some hot laps. MB2 in Valencia is my favorite.¬†I used to race karts ‘back in the day’, and I was not expecting much the first time I tried electric karts. The MB2¬†facility is pretty sweet and the track layout is fun for sure.¬†The karts aren’t neck-snapping fast, but fast enough to be fun.

Well, one of the guys in my group had held the title of ‘unbeatable’ for too long.¬†I felt it was my duty to put the smack down, so the smackith was promptly applied :)¬†I took the win in two of the three heats, so the first round of drinks was on him!¬† Good times were had by all, but I’ll hold on to the title belt… thank you

.es20.JPG   es21.JPG