Factory Team

A Summer like weekend

It was a crazy cool weekend.¬† The Midwest has¬†been getting crushed by a super oppressive, deep freeze for quite a while.¬† This past weekend, it warmed UP to freezing.¬† Yea, you read that right…it was in the 30’s and it felt like spring…nice huh?

Friday night, I put in a practice session at my local track.¬† We have¬†the ‘Chi-Town Shootout’ this weekend, so it was good to get some laps in at the dirt track.¬† I ran my brushless & lipo T4 as well as a full mod Hot Bodies Cyclone D4 4wd buggy.¬† The track was full of fire breathing nitro rigs, so practice was a bit hectic, but I’m looking forward to some good racing this weekend.

Well, it was so nice out on Saturday, I decided to break out my ‘Hog’, ha!¬† It’s only a ’round town, super errand go-getter machine, but fun either way.


Sunday, my daughter and I hit the epic, Midwest slopes for a snowboarding session.¬† Of course, the Midwest isn’t known for killer skiing, but it was fun to get out.¬† We went to Alpine Valley in alpinevalley1.jpg southeast Wisconsin.¬† Alpine Valley is also a concert venue in the summer months, and is unfortunately known as the sight of guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn’s tragic helicopter accident in 1990.¬† Alpine Valley can be a dangerous place even these days…there was just a confirmed mountain lion sighting in this area.¬† That¬†ain’t normal for¬†these parts!¬† As if that isn’t strange enough, there were a bunch of strange ant looking things on the snow.¬† When have you seen ants¬† antalpine1.jpg¬†in the middle of a ski hill?¬† Wisconsin is strange….