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Blog Intro: Ronda Skelton

My name is Ronda Skelton. Well the calendar says I‚Äôm 30, I feel like 20, just with 10 years of experience. I guess I’m pretty normal…if you could say anyone is normal 🙂 I enjoy hanging with my friends and family…. meeting new people… I have a bunch of hobbies like, R/C cars, Bowling, and shopping. As any girly-girl does. I listen to almost any kind of music. I work for a company called Volume Snacks as a merchandiser. I was born in Texas. My favorite color is PINK. Beware; I am a Scorpio‚Ķ.lol


I have been racing in a male-dominated hobby known as: Remote Control cars since I was a very young girl. As you may know, I am one of the few female racers in R/C industry. I was not the first female racer to be sponsored by a major race team however; I was the first to be promoted on such a large national scale. I have become a fixture on the West Coast racing scene during my 18 years as an RC enthusiast. I attend almost all of the country’s major off-road racing events. I have a long list of companies who support me with my hobby. Pro-Line, Mugen Seiki, Airtronics, Byron Fuels, Rock Concepts, Upgrade, AVID Bearings,
Pyrographix, and B-MODS.

I’ve have lived in CA. for the past twenty-five years and have no plans of leaving. I love the sunny California weather, beaches, mountains and the awesome racing. I’m very fortunate to have so many great tacks to choose from and the level of competition is unmatched. It’s very common to have 100 plus racers on Saturday night at Revelation Raceway. Many of the nation’s top racers battle it out there on a weekly basis. It helps keep me sharp and excided about racing.

I am just simple gal that loves racing of any kind! 🙂