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P-L Driver Andrew Rizzo’s Awesome trip to the Podium at Quebec Classic on Pro-Line Fugitives

So humble right now🙏….over 900 miles to the Quebec Classic at Bego Raceway in Canada. Track🤯 Race program🤯 the whole thing🤯 words can’t explain!! Eric Deschenes and Jérôme Treignier have a amazing facility!
Started getting there on Wednesday afternoon to get settled at set up. The track layout is worlds quality if not better along with the highest traction I have seen in 1/8 EVER!!!!!
Practice went very well and I spent all my time on my nitro buggy as my ebuggy was on rails. Just a tire choice struggle. Went from M3 to X3 to X2 swapping all weekend. Proline fugitive lite was the tire for the weekend. With only one set in each compound I had to make smart choices.
With help from Billy F Sutton, Sam Langer and Wesley Gurr I had my nitro buggy on point for the main. Assembling a core group of guys to pit together that helps each other so much makes racing so much more fun!

Start with E-Buggy that I qualified 4th in the C but got the bump with the right tire choice to the B. Started dead last and just sat there for four seconds when the tone went off to let the mayhem unfold….. I was able to push through the pile ups to get to third in the first lap to have a marshal throw a car right in front of me and I broke my sway bar link on the second lap after a marshal through a car in front of me at full tilt😪 I limped my car along for a 6th in the B. Being 16th out of 60 entries. My Hobbywing XR8 plus and 1900 HW motor was perfect along with Futaba servos and radio.

Nitro buggy was another story. I got my car easy to drive in practice on Saturday. First qual I wasn’t happy and was on the B sort. I made a change to the car and next qual I was in the A sort. After the third round I locked up a 10th starting position in the A. The tone went of and I had rtr best pit guy ever Sean Clark. Thank to Massimo Ruccolo for the headsets first time ever using them and OMG! I was patient, humble and set up to rip in the main and it showed finishing behind my team manager Paul Ciccarello for a solid 2nd. Best finish and race I have ever had! If it wasn’t for true friends and Paul for believing in me I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Twice as fast as last year and learning more.

I was also given a opportunity to represent MIP after the weekend for my performance on the track and mostly in the pits always helping everyone out!
So humble for my wife Mandy Jean to let me go and chase my passion and take care of the pups😘.