Factory Team / Rock Team / Trail Run

Jim Rowe at Calico Basin with his “Calico Ranger” Pro-Line Chevy Blazer


As a retired Air Force Master Sargent I have lots of time during the week to go to my favorite trail spot, Calico basin Las Vegas. Today I had my “calico ranger” Pro-Line Chevy Blazer. When I arrived the Rangers were there doing some rescue training! What are the odds! I drove my custom rig over to them and they were very excited to see all the details. They offered up there rescue rig to take photos on!

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What another great day of trailing. Custom Paint provided my RC Bombshells.

Pro-Line Super Swamper XL Tires and Chevy Blazer Body

Custom green upgraded parts by Boom Racing and Wertymade Bumpers.

Jim Rock’n Rowe