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Patrick Hofer finishes 2nd at Indoor Dirt Race in Edling, Germany with Pro-Line


Oct 31 – Nov 2, 2014

120 drivers including some top drivers went to this yearly event in Germany. Patrick entered the finals 4th in 2wd and 2nd in 4wd class. Hupo Hönigl TQ’d with his car.

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The final day on Sunday was a very exiting race. In the first Main of 2wd class Patrick pushed his Reedy powered Team Associated B5M from 4th to 2nd just after a few rounds and the fight was opened for Patrick and Hupo. A few seconds before passing the finish line, Hupo made a mistake and Patrick won the first Main. Patrick and Hupo also showed a hard fight in the 2nd and third Main, but Hupo won 2wd class followed by Patrick and Micha Widmaier.

Also in 4wd class Hupo and Patrick showed a very hot match. In the first Main Oliver Scholz kept his chance for a win. All three drivers passed the finish line within 0.5-seconds! Then it was going into the 2nd main… where Oliver Scholz made a mistake and Patrick followed Hupo. In the last round of 2nd Main, Patrick jumped over Hupo in the double jump area and won the 2nd Main with his Team Associated B44.3. So it was all down to the last Main for those top drivers. In the 3rd and last Main Patrick and Hupo really showed up again for a full 6-minutes of the finest racing. Patrick found no way through and finished 2nd with only 0.01 sec behind Hupo Hoenigl.

Patrick used Team Associated vehicles, new Pro-Line Phantom Bodies, Reedy motors and batteries, HRC servos.


Results :
Top 10 2WD:
1 Hönigl, Hupo Team C / Dualsky / Absima / H-Speed/ Futaba
2 Hofer, Patrick Team Associated / Reedy / Pro-Line / AVID RC / HRC / H-Speed/ Revolution RC
3 Widmaier, Micha / Schumacher
4 Scholz, Oliver/ Team C / Orion
5 Metsch, Markus / Schumacher
6 Hauleitner, Roland / Team Associated
7 Stocker, Philipp / Schumacher
8 Widmer, Fabian Luca / Yokomo
9 Stölzle, Max / Kyosho
10 Kreil, Martin/ Team C

4WD :
1 Hönigl, Hupo Team C / Dualsky / Pro-Line / Absima / H-Speed/ Futaba
2 Hofer, Patrick Team Associated / Reedy / Pro-Line / AVID RC / HRC / H-Speed/ Revolution RC
3. Oliver Scholz / Team C / Orion / Pro-Line / Absima

P. Hofer