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Race Report: 301 Raceway Grand Opening with Brian Lewis

This past weekend, 301 Raceway had its Grand Opening.  Only being open for close to a month now, racers from all over Florida flooded to the new indoor track.  With much of Florida having thunderstorms, it seemed to be the place to be for racing.  With 124 entries on the event, everyone was set for a long day.


Stock Buggy is one if not the most competitive classes in the State of Florida.  Of the 124 entries, 43 were in this class alone.  After qualifying, young Pro-Line Driver, Cody Wiles was TQ, not only of this race, but the ENTIRE event. Cody’s time would have started him in the TQ position of every single class, even over Mod Buggy. The battle was intense, the racing clean, and the excitement had everyone on edge! The tone went and away went the drivers.

The first 5 laps saw the top 4 covered by a blanket. A small mistake proved costly dropping 4th place Brandon Ryan to 6th and unable to recover. Next was 3rd place Peyton MacDonald. He drove his car hard, pushing it to its utter limits. While going for a pass for second place, he got caught in a back marker that was in the pipe. This left just 2, and man did they battle. Alan Wight applied the pressure, and Cody Wiles proved why he was TQ. Lap after lap nothing changed until Cody caught an unfortunate break with a back marker spinning out in front of him. Alan Wight got around and raced off with the win with Cody Wiles in 2nd and B-main bump up Ryan Rios bringing home 3rd!  Cody ran the same set of M3 ION tires all day.

In Stock Truck from tone to literal tone it was clearly a two truck race. Battling every lap, and down to the last turn was TQ Walter Cruz, and Pro-Line Driver, Brandon Denmark. Midway through the final lap the tone went off, and all the pressure was on Walter. The last turn approaching Brandon was there, and Walter knew it. He guarded the inside but to closely catching the pipe forcing him wide and Brandon Denmark diving under for the win at the line! Kevin Abbott wheeled his truck home in 3rd filling out the podium.

In other classes, Pro-Line Driver David Whiteside came in 2nd overall in 4wd SCT.